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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Shit You Can Buy On The Internet...

I'm gonna start this post with somewhat of a disclaimer. Basically, I'm not an idiot. Okay, well not completely anyway. You're going to have to bear with me on this one today as I feel that what you're about to witness needs some level of explanation. I'm a first class insomniac, (and if that isn't a word then it damn well should be) although, 'first class' makes it sound like something you'd want and I can speak from experience that it most certainly isn't. On a recent bout of nocturnal interwebz trawling, I came across Poopdeck Tranny Angel. You can call her Ange for short:

Now, I don't know much about art but something tells me this isn't a Monet. Is that a nipple or a teeny, metal toggle switch? I kind of want to tweak it and I'm not sure if I should feel ashamed about it. The longer I stare at Ange, the weirder she gets. I'm getting some serious tentacle vibes around her face and the poor bitch appears to have a ring pull stuck on her nose. Her boobs singular boob is definitely perkier than mine though so I'll give her that. 

Then because I'd lit a fire of curiosity inside myself, I began to delve a little deeper into the murky depths of Amazon and came up with this:

Which is quite frankly the most fabulous bed set I have ever seen. Who needs leopard print when you can have ALL THE PRINTS! I'm loving that the seller has also styled it out with a faux grass rug and pink and purple stuffed bears... and then, because Amazon had weighed up my taste in interior style, they suggested I check out this item:

Because I guess your life really isn't complete unless you have a 3D gold shark, faux taxidermy wall mount. I've already earmarked a place for this on my bathroom wall. I love it when Amazon is super helpful and suggests that this would make a great, 'unique' gift idea as I'm often lacking inspiration and typically flowers just don't convey how, 'chic & trendy' I am. Well, I guess Mother's Day is coming up. 

Upon reaching the point where I started to actively search for matching gold animal wall mounts, I decided I'd probably need to purchase a subscription to this:

Because I'm thinking that wall mounts and many cats go hand in hand. I'm particularly interested in the article titled, '12 Things Your Cat Wouldn't Say' If the cat on the cover is anything to go by, I'm assuming one of them would be - 'I'm real friendly y'all!' Also, the Toddy's Night Out feature looks like it will be a hoot. With all this fantastic material, it's hardly surprising they're publishing 4 issues per year. Those crazy kids. 

With my finger hovering over the 'Subscribe Now' button, I decided to call it a night and clear my Amazon search history for fear of Scott thinking I'd developed a recreational drug habit. Insomnia takes you to some dark places folks. 

P.S. Don't do drugs. 
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Spring Nails

The ice caps in Finland are slowly but surely starting to melt and I'm officially calling it - Spring is on its way! I for one can't wait. As well as taking to inappropriately dressing for the weather, I've also amped up my naildrobe with these pretty in pink shades from Maybelline. There's a pearlescent, sugary pink called Porcelain (78) and deep nude named, Rose Poudre (130). They hail from the Forever Strong Superstay 7 Days Gel collection, (mouthful...) and are the newest additions to my slowly expanding set of Maybelline gel polishes. 

When it comes to chips, I like mine with cheese and most certainly not on my nails. Since gel nail polishes hit the market, I've been raking them in as there's nothing worse than a mani that doesn't last. I think Maybelline's '7 Days' is a bit ambitious. I'd say I get around 5 solid days before the pesky chips start to rear their ugly heads, but that being said, I really love these polishes. They're apparently enriched with iron and calcium which reminds me ever so slightly of a baby milk advert but that's neither here nor there. The wide brush makes application a doddle and despite it not quite lasting the whole 7 days, this polish does hold its own, even after several bumps and bruises, and give me gorgeous, salon-esque nails to die for. 

I've worn both of these shades separately and together with Porcelain layered over the top of Rose Poudre. Porcelain can be a bit of a temperamental diva and needs a couple of coats and gentle coaxing; however the payoff is totally worth the pain. Rose Poudre applies like a dream and is such a soft and delicate polish - An absolute winner for Spring. 

What do you think of these polishes? Have you started to bust out your Spring naildrobe yet and are you looking forward to the warmer months? 
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I Heart Makeup - I Heart Passion Palette Giveaway!

It's giveaway time girls and boys. Before we kick things off, I'd like to say a HUGE thanks to the lovely Michelle from Thou Shall Not Covet for letting my steal her blog photographs to show you this gorgeous palette in all its glory. I didn't want to spoil the packaging by opening it to take photographs and so she kindly let me use her pictures instead. You can read her review of the I Heart Passion palette right here

Back to business, several weeks ago I placed an order online with Makeup Revolution and received this palette as a freebie. It was some sort of promotional giveaway open to those spending over a certain amount on the site. Anyhow, as I have far more than my fair share of Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes, (and similar shades to the ones included in this set) I thought I would give you guys the chance to win this palette all for yourself. Here it is swatched:

Top Row
Middle Row
Bottom Row
The winner will receive a brand spanking new and untouched palette so if you fancy being in with a chance of getting your hands on this beaut, all you need to do is follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck everyone. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ts & Cs 
 This giveaway is open Internationally. If you are under 16, please ask permission from a parent or guardian before entering. All entries will be checked and verified - If you are found to be cheating in any way, you will be disqualified. The winner will be contacted when the competition ends and will have 3 days to claim their prize or another winner will be picked at random. Thank you for entering. 
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Monday, 2 March 2015

10 lies you tell yourself - (and what they really mean)

1. If we don't mention the piece of chocolate we just ate, it doesn't count. If we don't talk about the bar of chocolate, the bar of chocolate doesn't exist.

- Fuck, I just ate a bar of chocolate, three pieces of cheese and a potato waffle that's been in the freezer since 1998. The. shame. 

2. I'll have plenty of time to wash my hair in the morning if I set my alarm to go off 15 minutes earlier.

- I'm not washing my hair tonight, tomorrow morning or probably for the next few days. I'm gonna snooze that damn alarm too. 

3. I'm feeling really organised and productive today. 

- I made a list of blog post ideas on the back of my Gregg's sausage roll wrapper and scribbled, 'must buy more cheese' into my diary.

4. I'm a lover not a fighter.

- Touch my chips one more time dick head and I will remove each of your fingers using a spatula. 

5. I look so much sexier with a splash of fake tan.

- Okay, I stink. Don't stand too close, hold your breath and squint slightly cause I got streaks bigger than a buffalo's back side but I guess I look good! 

6. A gin and slimline tonic please, I'm dieting.

- Six gin and tonics, a shot of that red stuff, a glass of free champagne for having a dance off with Raving Pete, three bites of a random's kebab and a battered Mars bar pizza with extra mushrooms, dahling. 

7. Treat em mean, keep em keen.

- OMG! I can't stand it when you ignore my messages. Where have you been? I called you like fourteen times, including your house phone. Your mum answered. Apparently Rachel called earlier looking for you. Who the fuck is Rachel? Can you just send me a message to let me know you're alive. I know you were on Whatsapp at like, 4:00pm. Call me. 

8. I'll start on Monday...

- I need these extra days to think of an excuse to not start on Monday.

9. There's no harm in looking. I don't need another lipstick/nail varnish/pair of shoes anyway.

- I'm looking with intent bitches. You can bet your ass I'm going to buy something. 

10. I'm really in touch with my emotions.

- I'm one hormonal son of bitch... Pass me a Kleenex, someone's Aunt's dog had a triple heart bypass on X Factor and they've written a song about it... balling girl, literally balling!  
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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Life Through A Lens #3

It's the last day of February, (how?) which means I'm cutting it fine with this month's Life Through A Lens post. If you missed my previous blog series posts, you can catch all of them right here

February is a short month, but boy has it been busy for Scott and I. We've made some serious headway with the wedding plans as well as fit in a visit back to the UK to catch up with friends and family and stock up on home comforts. Oh, and we even managed to squeeze in baking a cake for Hamish and Ralph!

Without further ado, here's a round up of snaps for you to feast your eyes upon:

To keep up to date with all of my goings on, you can find me at:

Twitter - @ EffortlesslyExc 

Instagram - effortlessly_excessive

Here's to a fun-filled March!

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Friday, 27 February 2015

GOSH Eye Palettes

If you spied my latest catch up post, you will know that I've recently been back in the UK, and as a result, stocked up on some fashion and beauty pieces, (as well as a box of Creme Eggs and a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle, but we won't go there.) 

In the mix are these two stunning eye shadow palettes from GOSH. I'm a sucker for a bargain and when I saw that Superdrug were offering 2 for £10 on any GOSH eye products, I knew I had to snap something up. So what did I opt for?

First up we have the 9 Shades Shadow Collection in 001 To Enjoy In New York. A totally justifiable purchase as there are several shades within this palette that I don't own anything similar too. I have a tendency to stick to very, 'samey' neutral, brown/bronze shadows and so this was a bit of a step in a different direction for me. Putting the offer to one side, this palette sells for £9.99 which isn't bad considering that's a little over a pound per shadow. Let's take a peek at the swatches:

Top row, left to right

Middle row, left to right

Bottom row, left to right
I love the shade selection of this palette. The lighter, top row shades border on glittery but I don't mind that so much, with the other six shades having a soft, satiny finish. 

Next up is the Smokey Eyes Palette in 02 Brown. This is such a predictable choice for me and I'm in no doubt that I have several similar shades lying around in my stash already but it needed to come home with me. At £7.99, it's not going to break the bank; however with the 2 for £10 offer, I paid a penny, yes one, whole pence for the privilege. That's a deal not to be sniffed at ladies and gents. 

There's four complimentary shades and a little, 'how-to, insert to help you create the perfect smokey eye. The swatches go a little something like this:

The dud in this palette is the palest shade as this barely shows on my lids, which is a bit disappointing; however the other three shadows are right up my street. 

With both palettes, the quality of the shadows shines through. They're maybe not the most pigmented on the market, but they're buildable and blend with ease. There's no talc-like texture to find here. These shadows are beautifully formulated, soft and smooth to apply. Without a primer, the Smokey Eyes shadows lasted the day on my lids without creasing or the need for touch ups. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. 

The sleek, black packaging and the fact that both palettes are handy travel sizes, seal the deal for me. The 9 Shades Palette contains a generous-sized mirror for when you're on the go and is perfect for popping in your handbag. 

The Superdrug offer runs until the 10th of March so if you're interested, you can find out more here. Not a sponsored post - I just know we all love a beauty related bargain! 

What are your thoughts on the GOSH palettes? Have you tried anything else from the GOSH range and is there anything you're currently rating?
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Thursday, 26 February 2015

My Current Makeup Storage

First up, I must apologise for the terrible images. It's either retina-burning levels of sunny at the moment or the sun doesn't surface in Finland, so trying to get usable images of anything is a small feat in itself. 

I've been lusting after clear, acrylic storage for my make up bits and pieces for what feels like a lifetime. Living in Finland, it's been difficult to find anything worth parting cash for but I finally struck gold a couple of weeks ago in the local stationary shop. (Suomalainen if there's any Finland dwellers amongst us.) 

I invested in two, clear acrylic drawer sets and an acrylic pencil pot. Here's my set up:

1. Lip crayons, chubby lip pencils and glosses

2. Single eye shadows and mascara

3. Primers, concealers and cream/liquid highlighters

4. Lipstick

5. Lesser used lipsticks and cream blush sticks

6. Blusher, powders and bronzers 

7. Eye liner pencils, lip pencils and brow pencils 

Foundations resting on the top with my Lush lip scrub and a Makeup Revolution Blushing Heart blusher. This houses the make up I use on a regular basis. 

The desk and mirror are both IKEA wonders. The large drawer contains clear boxes with all my lesser used make up stored in them as well as other beauty bits such as false eyelashes, scissors, brush cleaner and spare cotton pads/makeup wipes etc. 

The smaller drawer holds a pot for hair accessories and is also home to all of my makeup palettes. Underneath the small drawer is a larger cupboard area which contains all of my nail varnish in a recycled gift box, plus my hairdryer and straighteners. 

Sitting on top of my desk, I have a clear storage box from IKEA which is where I keep my LUSH soaps and bath bombs and on top of that, also from IKEA, I have one of the plant pots that pretty much every blogger owns. In it, I keep my make up brushes and sponges. 

Along my jam-packed window sill, sits all of my perfumes, skin care products and hair products, such as my dry shampoo and hairspray. (Plus some fake flowers that will be able to withstand my terrible not-so green fingers!)

There's so many gorgeous storage bits and pieces on the market lately. I know if I lived in the UK, I would definitely have a much more extravagant arrangement! 

How do you store all of your make up and beauty items? Are you a fan of the clear, acrylic storage trend?
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